First and foremost, I would like to thank all our service men and women active, reserve and retired. As Americans we can not thank you enough for the rights of ours that you help defend and protect. Some of us refuse to thank you for what ever reason and given the fact that its because of you they can can refuse to thank you, it is my opion they should have theirs asses kicked up between their shoulder blades. For all your sacrifices and service to and for us so that we may speak our minds everyday:

We thank you with all our hearts!!!!

Welcome to Dark America, were glad to have you here! This site is about all the things that are going wrong with America these days and my opinions of them. You can post your comments here too. This site will cover such things as government idiocies, public attitudes, gun control, automobile laws, daytime running lights and pretty much anything else I feel is stupid.

If you don't like the things that are said here on this site that is perfectly fine. This is America and at the present time you still have the right to not like what I say (Even though I think O'Bama wnats to change that). If you are offended by what you see here then you are free to head else where. This is the internet after all and theres lots of places to see out there.